Upgrade your relationship with money and upgrade your life!

It is time to heal your relationship with money, connect with your inner money lover and watch your money grow.

Who am I?

I used to be a big time spender. Then I became a super saver. Both made me feel pretty shitty. Then one day I finally realized that it was never about the money and suddenly everything changed. Financial freedom was never about the money, it was all in my mind. The more I did the mindset work, the more I opened up for abundance, the more money started to flow into my life in the most unexpected ways.

sold my apartment way above what the real estate agent thought possible. I got a salary increase from my boss without even asking for it. A recruitment consultant approached me for a job with an almost doubled salary. The bank approved a mortgage above what was supposed to be possible. More and more clients wanted to pay me more and more for my services. I attracted an investor saying yes to investing in my new property business before I had any details to share. And this was just the beginning. You can have all that too.

It is not about the money. It never was.